Friday, May 6, 2011

V Is for Victory

Victory, a lot like success, can be defined in many ways. A small victory for me may be something you find to be a great accomplishment and vice versa.

I've remained silent on the topic of Osama bin Laden and his demise at the hands of Navy Seals. I find no fault with those brave men, or the minds of the CIA who determined the zealot's location. They were doing their jobs. I don't fault the president for making the decision that the time to strike was when they did, although I personally believe capture was preferential to killing.

I question just what kind of victory this really is--and how it will turn out to be in the days ahead. I do understand the anguish of those who lost loved ones connected with 9/11 and all other Americans, including myself, who will never be quite the same again. But I was saddened to see Americans take to the streets to celebrate this man's death. It is one thing to be relieved or even pleased, it is another to rejoice.

I think we should enjoy this victory for now, but do I really believe we have thwarted al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization with this action? Not for a minute. What do you see as the potential outcome of bin Laden's death? Is it a victory--or is it something else?

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