Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unusual Headlines

What if you picked up a magazine and it had not one article or photo of Brad and Angie? If you didn't have to read about Jennifer Aniston's agony over losing the love of her life? A celebrity rag without a single Kardashian in it...could that be possible?

I'm not into the celeb thing--I guess you can tell. But there are only so many ways to say the same thing, Celebrity "news" are the top-of-the-line keywords in the media. Celebrity hits number uno in SEO (search engine optimization).

What if you could pick up a newspaper and read about the quiet, selfless acts of people in your community? Real people who go to work every day, raise families and just try to make it paycheck to paycheck--they are the backbone of the community and the nation.

How about a program featuring people who are building their own homes, along with neighbors and friends, in the Habitat for Humanity program? Does it really have to be a million dollar mansion to get our attention?

If it isn't sensationalism, it doesn't seem to sell--at least that's what media moguls would have us believe. Would you pick up a magazine or newspaper that had articles about everyday people in it?

**Fellow freelance writers**: This blog entry is targeted at mainstream media. It is with their headlines and audio and video snippets that they show the public what is to be considered newsworthy. I neither intended nor meant to bash my freelance peers.


  1. Our local stations and newspapers do stories on average people, so for me it would be odd not to see it.

  2. I absolutely would. Celebrities are over rated.


  3. I like feel good stories and of overcoming obstacles. I don't care that a celeb stubbed their toe or got a haircut. If they saw me on the street, I doubt they would notice me or give me their time. Although I would probably attempt to give them a copy of my book and get a pic with them for my blog.

  4. @Tamara: That's reassuring to hear. Everyone has a story to tell or be told, in my opinion.

    @Joyce: I'm with you--just because someone makes the big bucks, such as celebrities and sports figures, doesn't mean the stuff their agents and PR people churn out is newsworthy.

    @Stephen: That would instill some star quality in your blog, wouldn't it? Maybe you'll be fortunate and find such a scenario.

    To all my peer writers: Please know I am not bashing you in any way for your celebrity articles. Mainstream media determines what is newsworthy to the masses and I see no reason why you shouldn't also make a profit from it. Mainstream media is my target here; not freelance writers.

  5. If that were possible the E! Channel wouldn't exist. I love reading local papers more than I like the big-named and tabloid ones. I think it gives a more homey sense and brings us back to the roots we have in us all.

  6. Yes, I would and do. I love real people and get sick of seeing the "pretty people", they are not special in my book. I am reminded daily how good people are with what's been accomplished through my charity blog. So, I know what's on the news isn't the whole story.