Monday, May 2, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge Reflections Mega Post

The end of one challenge, the beginning of another...sounds a lot like life, doesn't it? Rarely do we think of day-to-day activities as challenges, but in reality, that's exactly what they are.

Each new hat we put on--student, parent, employee, spouse--brings new challenges our way. Some days we move blithely from one challenge to another; sometimes we plod along, dragging our feet along the way.

The A to Z Blogging Challenge was a personal challenge to me as a writer. It soon also became a challenge to me as a peer and a reader to check out other's blogs. I enjoyed accepting these challenges and did my best to meet them head-on.

Whether every person who began the challenge finished with 26 more blog posts is not as important as the community developed by those participating in the challenge. Life happens and sometimes blogging is the least of a person's concerns.

I'm looking forward to the Z to A in May Blogging Challenge as well as the A to Z article challenge at Y!CN. I'm hoping to find a few familiar faces and voices in each challenge and look forward to meeting new folks, too.


  1. I'm glad you came along for the ride, L. Challenging, of course. Fulfilling, yes!

  2. And it was that much more fun with you at the helm, Marie Anne.

  3. You are so right - it was all about the community! Glad you enjoyed the Challenge.

  4. Work shared seems so much less of a burden than going it alone.

  5. I so thrilled that you became a part of this A to Z community. We had fun. I'd be right there continuing Z to A if I weren't wrapping up A to Z and taking a vacation. I like the Challenge, but it can be tiring at times. Good luck with May!

    Tossing It Out