Thursday, April 21, 2011


In addition to Renaissance referring to the revival of the arts, the word renaissance means a renewal or revival of life, interest and energy. The dictionary also equates renaissance with rebirth. I maintain that each new spark of hope or optimism is a renaissance of the human spirit.

In general, the word is applied to grand or overwhelming circumstances where a person experiences a great epiphany or perhaps inspires those happenings in others. Specifically, any of us can experience our own renaissance at any given moment when we choose to discard worry, anger or hatefulness. Any time we exchange our egocentric beliefs for understanding the world from the perspective of others, we are experiencing a renaissance of thought and empathy.

True, no one is likely to write your life story because of such renewals, but that does not diminish their importance. Each time we choose to embrace understanding, forgiveness and tolerance, we become a greater light in the lives of those around us--and to ourselves.

What experiences have you had or choices have you made that allowed you to enjoy a personal renaissance? If nothing recent comes to mind, perhaps today is the day. It can be, if you allow it to happen.


  1. A thought-provoking and encouraging post. Thanks for sharing this. If I can just be kind to someone during each day, it takes the focus off me and reminds me of what we're supposed to be doing for each other.

  2. This might sound a bit corny but each day is like a personal renaissance. I think there is always something new to overcome, or to see in a different way and it's important to keep learning and growing. :)

  3. @J.L. Campbell: Thanks for reading and glad to know you enjoyed it. Kindness is a selfless activity, but there are often unintended rewards, don't you think?

    @Kyra: It may be corny to some, but each day is a new opportunity. I like your way of looking at life.

  4. I have seen a few in my life, the best after I met my latest wife, and before we could live together, I lived on my own for the first time in years, and was able for the first time to really do what I always wanted to do - take walks, work out, lose weight and get fit. It was wonderful and made life so much more worth living.

  5. @Tony: It sounds like you are comfortable in your own skin and in a good relationship with your wife. I hope that continues to be true for you, ad infinitum.