Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boy, Am I Sick of Donald Trump!

I could handle The Donald and his wives and ex-wives. I could handle The Donald and his show, "The Apprentice." But I cannot tolerate Donald Trump pretending to be a serious presidential candidate. I've assumed from the beginning that Trump's political aspirations were being espoused tongue-in-cheek. After all, who could take The Donald seriously about becoming president of the United States?

All right, Mr. Trump, you've had your 15 minutes--and then some-- of fame in the political arena. Stop with the noise and get on to doing what you're good at. Which, by the way, we know isn't running a casino since yours went bankrupt. How does one lose money on a casino?

Anything else you've got to say is balderdash. I find it amazing that the networks give you air time for your political poppycock. It was amusing initially; now it's just plain annoying.


  1. Just saw his Comedy Central roast on cable. Geez.

    OK, this is funny. The CAPTCHA code for this post is GRANT. Perhaps he ought to make one. ;-)

  2. Donald Trump is someone who seems like he would he would be a nice guy if it weren't for that ego and air of arrogance. And that combover, you would think one of his wives or his daughter would tell him how ridiculous it looks.

  3. Seriously? I had no idea he was actually considering running for president. What is scary is that he most likely will get elected.

    Stopping by from the challenge