Friday, April 1, 2011

Attitude Says It All

So many times, it may feel as if the world around us determines our attitude. But the truth is, attitude is a choice, albeit all too often an unconscious choice. When we allow circumstances and people in our lives to affect our own attitudes, we're merely making a knee-jerk reaction to those issues. Not making a conscious choice to determine our attitude is still making a choice.

Children are allowed this latitude; they don't have the luxury of taking themselves out of many situations. As adults, even though it may be difficult, we have choices every day. Instead of merely reacting to situations around you, use your time-given wisdom to extricate yourself from negative circumstances and people. The only day we are guaranteed is the day we wake up; don't waste it on negative attitude.


  1. Couldn't agree with this more!

  2. I struggle with my attitude daily. I don't often win it over to the good side, but I don't quit trying.

  3. Hey LL ~~ short & to the point ! But so true ! My mom always says people need more common sense instead of book sense (and she's 82 , by the way)