Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Food Safety Under Siege

The FDA has formally announced that cloned meat and products from cloned animals pose no health hazard or danger to consumers. Moreover, meat and products from cloned animals will not have to be labeled as such in the marketplace. Manufacturers may label them if they choose, but it is not mandatory to do so.

I'd like to believe this announcement was based on exhaustive or at least extensive testing, but the truth is, how can long term effects be determined when cloned animals is such a new science? We don't even know if present technology exists to test cloned meat and products, let alone believe long term effects could be determined.

What we DO know is that each cloned animal represents a $10,000 to $20,000 investment. People make those sort of investments in order to see a return on their money. A return on their money can only come when those cloned animals parent other animals that will be sold in a marketplace. And we also know that people who can afford to make that sort of an investment in one animal have more clout with government officials than any typical consumer does on any given day.

As worn out as my admonition may seem--we need to write our elected officials on this matter and let them know where we stand. And, if you have the time/space/ability, begin growing your own food, including animals, so you can be certain of the safety of your food.

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