Thursday, June 16, 2011

Personal Responsibility

I consider myself to be an "average American" in many ways, and I suspect the health lesson I've recently learned has been and will be repeated by others like me. I've read--and written--about the important aspects of a health diet and regular physical activity for years. In times too numerous to count, I've thought to myself, "I'm going to change my habits--tomorrow."

You've probably guessed the rest of the story: "Tomorrow" never came. And I've recently found out that I have Type 2 diabetes, uncontrolled at this time. Add that to the obesity and hypertension I've already had for a number of years.

I did this to myself. I know the research, I see the ads--I had every opportunity to take advantage of health care advice. But I didn't do it. Now I must.

They say an addict doesn't change his behavior until he hits whatever is rock bottom to him. The same if true for me and my addiction to an unhealthy lifestyle. Being diagnosed with diabetes has hit me hard, and I am finally making my "todays" that "tomorrow" I had been promising myself.

You know what they say about reformed smokers--they are the worst when it comes to tolerating other people smoking. I am the new lifestyle nazi, talking to and advising those I care about to change their lifestyle choices. I'd like to help make a difference in their lives before it is too late, before they are diagnosed with a chronic health problem.

It really does come down to personal responsibility--good health, that is. Each of us could be at our best health if we just followed two little rules about lifestyle choices. So many of us didn't heed the advice. Now it's time to pay the piper.

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