Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K Is for Keeping it Real

I know that sex sells. So does any info about celebrities and juicy gossip in general. I don't have any problem with people who are interested in those topics writing about them to their hearts' content. I just can't do it for the most part.

For me, keeping it real means writing about topics in which I have an interest. I want to be able to relay that interest in my writing in the hopes of inspiring an interest in others.

For the sake of improved readership or page views, I've considered straying from my topics to those that I know will draw a large audience. For the most part, I haven't succumbed to that consideration. Not because I feel those topics are beneath me; I just know others can write about them more successfully and with more depth of knowledge than myself.

I believe the adage that says to "write what you know" and include "writing what I want to know more about." For me, that is keeping it real.

What I have to learn to do more successfully is learn how to reach the audience that has interests similar to mine to improve readership numbers. Anyone have advice in this area?


  1. Absolutely agree! I've written a few pieces that weren't really 'me', but for the most part I write about thing I already knew or learned along the way.

  2. I, too have always heard, "Write what you know." Like you, I also write about what I am interested in learning. I appreciate your honesty and that you "Keep it real."

  3. Thanks, ladies. I guess the truth is, when I try to write about things in which I have no interest, the article ends up being uninteresting to read.