Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making Money at Home

In both times of economic recession and economic booms, many people are looking for legitimate ways to make money working from home. The reasons people want to do so are as varied as the individuals themselves. The truth is, in many cases it just makes plain old common sense to work at home if you can make an adequate living doing so.

And therein lies the rub -- finding a legitimate method of making money at home. The Internet has become a major go-to source for finding work-at-home opportunities. Unfortunately, many of the so-called opportunities turn out to be bogus.

One online work opportunity that has proven to be lucrative for myself and many other writers is Demand Studios. The work is not suited for everyone, not even everyone who writes. But for those interested and qualified to write 400 word non-fiction articles, Demand Studios can provide enough work that many who write there do so full-time.

Another Demand Studio writer, Rachel Campbell, has provided tips in her blog for newcomers to Demand Studios. If you are interested in the work at home opportunity that writing can provide, check out Rachel's blog to get lots of good information on Demand Studios specifically and writing from home in general.

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