Saturday, September 22, 2007

Speaking of Common Sense--Welcome Back Walter Cronkite

For millions of people in the boomer generation and older, Walter Cronkite was the news. He had contemporaries, of course--David Huntley and Chet Brinkley come to mind--but no one appealed to the masses with the same sort of charisma/charm that Walter Cronkite exuded. That is not to say that Cronkite was a showman or a celebrity as many of the contemporary newspeople are. Cronkite had a straight forward, no nonsense style that said to viewers: "You can trust me." And trust him, we did.

And now, at age ninety, the veteram journalist is returning to the venue that embraced him. He will soon have a weekly feature on the Retirement Living network, which can be accessed at: and is scheduled to beging airing on DirecTV in October.

I'm looking forward to viewing Cronkite again. No, his appearances won't be nightly any more, but even a once-a-week "visit" with the father of TV news will be a welcome and refreshing respite for what passes as journalism these days.


  1. My faux was Chet Huntley and David Brinkley.

  2. yo who is i.i.woodard? Pa. has its primary in April,and i'm voting for McCain,he's the man with the most experience, Obama scares me,he went to one of those schools in Moslem land,and hey you don't forget that stuff!!! Hilary is ok, if she makes it things will be ok also..the rest well...Huckabee would make a good VP.Romneys to much about himself,everyone else is wasting there time! thats it then.....
    Tim O

  3. Glad to hear you will be an active voter in your state's primary. Also that you have obviously done some research in order to form your opinion.

    That's one of the things that is so great about this country; we can each have our own opinion and act accordingly.

    But then, you know that, since you are one of so very many who is a veteran of combat on behalf of America.

    I thank you for stopping by, for leaving your thoughts, and most of all, for defending our country and our liberty.